Make your trip more comfortable with just a simple procedure!!


Luggage can be received at hotels and stores that are part of our service

Step1 Step1

When you're burdened with bulky
hand luggage and heavy suitcases,
our service is incredibly convenient

Step2 Step2

Just complete a simple procedure
at the reception counter and
we'll take care of the luggage you want to send to the airport

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Spend the limited time you have in comfort, without worrying about your bags and suitcases

Step4 Step4

You can pick it up the same day

Same-day baggage delivery service

Same-day baggage delivery service

If your bags and suitcases are unbearably heavy from all your souvenirs: Don't worry, we'll take care of it. Hand over your luggage when you checkout of your hotel at 11am and you can have it sent to Kansai Airport to pick up from 3pm. Additionally, to accommodate visitors who plan to say in private accommodation, we have stores in Namba and Shinsaibashi that can deliver your luggage as well.

4FHand luggage pick up locations (Terminal1)

1F Customs inspection Terminal


¥2,500 per piece of luggage

Includes airport storage charge, insurance up to ¥300,000, and VAT

Each piece of luggage must have a total size of no larger than 158cm, and no heavier than 25kg

Confirm the luggage
acceptance process here